Daring To Be Human

Daring To Be Human

12 Modules

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Empowered Healing Library

Utilize the Empowered Healing Vault to get access to my simple, POWERFUL go-to mind hack methods. 

5 POWERFUL yet easy to use tools. To strengthen your confidence, to continue to lead a life on your terms to instantly turn overwhelm around in minutes.

Rapid Mind Hacks

Rapid Mind Hacks is a simple mind-enhancement system that teaches you how to combine simple mind exercises with a bite-sized approach to changing your thought patterns. Finally, you can put fear & limiting beliefs in their place so you can gain the upper hand on changing the level of happiness in your life.

Living Boldly Blueprint

This simple methodology is designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be, no matter what area of your life you want to improve.

I AM [the self-love journey]

If you feel stuck on where to begin to 'live in truth' I highly recommend my group program Uniqucorn its a good gateway in, for some the full answer they need.

Just be yourself they say... How do you do that when you aren't sure who you are? Or who you want to be? Can you be who you desire? Is who you are ok?

Follow your heart... your passion they say... How do you do that when you aren't even sure if what you feel is the right thing? What if you feel you don't have any? Will you fail at life? Will you never find fulfillment because you have no damn clue??

Chances are she got all mixed up in the chaos of your life and has mindsets, energies, and beliefs from everyone around you.

This will set the stage for you to begin love & trust yourself in a way you didn't know was possible. (you know... that blasted self-care & selflessness that keeps showing up in messages  )

Divine Mind Mastery

You see things everywhere about people changing their lives based on simple methods. Your curiosity is piqued - how do you become more than what society says you are, what you think you can be?

Gain access to the paradigm shift your inner sense of self has been craving. Divine Mind Mastery will give you the exact information and tools on how you can make that happen, step by step.

Embracing Integrity

Embracing Integrity is to live and breathe truth, become comfortable in your own skin, live by your own rules, and, most of all, love yourself wholeheartedly.

There is an entirely different world out there, and its time you become part of it.

You are everything you need to be; sometimes, we just need someone to help us see it.

This is for those of you who are ready to get REAL with yourself - look yourself dead in the eye and say no more. To triumph forward after mascara has dripped down your face. To feel empowerment, to live your truth.

Come as you are and leave at a higher vibration, a new sense of consciousness, a new sense of confidence.

Radical Freedom

This course is designed to help you completely transform your ho-hum life to an extraordinary existence by unearthing the conditioned patterns and beliefs you hold as truth, unchaining yourself from them by rewriting your story, and by learning how to be free in life through radical self-love and confidence.  

In fact, in Radical Freedom you will learn to love yourself so radically, that extraordinary change is the only outcome possible.

Maverick Manifesting

Do you ever wonder how some people make manifesting easy, while you stay stuck in an endless cycle of frustration and disappointment? You are likely jumping over what is most needed to manifest like a boss.
If you want to move forward in your manifesting game, Maverick Manifesting will give you the exact information and tools on how you can make that happen, step by step.

Awakening Your Inter-Dimensional Lightbody

For lightworkers who have a strong connection to spirit and have begun to realize the gifts of their higher-selves yet want to communicate with Spirit more confidently. It’s also for the ordinary yet extraordinary woman who doesn’t fully realize how amazing she is and wants to learn her potential.

Either way, you are on a conscious path of seeking more happiness, more self-expression, and living the truth of who you are. You are tired of the slow progression from one stage to the next and you want to achieve more spiritual growth in a shorter time-frame – without the usual pain and exhaustion that comes with it.

Through accelerated energy work and intense trance channeling(light beings speak through me) in a supportive group of kindred souls, you will experience the shedding of old layers and learn how to share your inner-lightworker with the world.

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